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#artcontinues Art learning for all ages with Teri Magner


#artcontinues with Teri Magner


#artcontinues, led by 37-year veteran art teacher Teri Magner, promotes art learning for all ages in the Amherst area. We currently offer Wine & Painting Events for all skill levels and private painting or drawing lessons, events and fundraisers in the Pioneer Valley. 

#artcontinues is a labor of love that began in 2013, after Teri Magner retired from teaching art in the Amherst schools.  

                                         Mid May 2016 012           Teri teaching

Teri, along with Sue Crutch, currently host monthly public events at AMHERSTWORKS, as well as private parties and fundraisers there, and at many other locations in the Amherst area and the Pioneer Valley.


   Events at AmherstWorks are BYOB!   


Enjoy a 5% discount at Russell’s Liquors when purchasing your beverage for one of our BYOB events!  And be sure to check out the window display at Russell’s, with perfect wine pairings for our upcoming paintings!  


                       “Nobody does Wine & Painting like we do!”

                                    EAT.  DRINK.  PAINT.

 We are so excited that “art continues”!   Happy New Year 2018! 

                        Make our events your gift to yourself this year! 

                         You can choose to paint a canvas, a tote bag (with frame) or an apron (with frame)!

Please note :  We have rescheduled Monet’s The Magpie from Wed., Jan. 17th to next week, Wed., Jan. 24th due to the coming snowstorm! Be safe! 

                                    Sign up below and join us next week!

We are teaming up with Winterfest this year, to bring you an event at AmherstWorks on Wednesday, Feb. 7th, from 6:30pm-9:00pm!

                                                               Scroll down and sign up below!

  Contact us to schedule a private party for friends, family and/or colleagues!  We have many exciting spaces available for events, depending on size and occasion!

Wine & Painting

Nobody does “Wine & Painting” Like We Do!


                 #artcontinues Wine & Painting Wednesdays

                                                                                                    Featured in the Gazette

 Email tmagner.art@gmail.com to plan your own private Wine & Painting party!



 From 6:30pm-9:00pm, our events offer everyone, of every ability, the chance to paint a masterpiece!  No prior painting experience is required.

$30.00 includes all* instruction, materials & supplies.  

  *Paint a stretched canvas (included) or upgrade to a canvas tote bag with a printed picture frame (additional $12 charge), or a bib apron with a printed picture frame (additonal $14).

                             Eat.  Drink.  Paint.

Come discover your artistic ability (“guaranteed”) and learn about the artist of the night and their particular style, as you enjoy the camaraderie from the many you will meet!

 Wed., April 26th, at Bistro 63/Monkey Bar — Monet’s Poplars —    


Wed., May 17th,at AmherstWorks  —  Van Gogh’s Blossoming Almond Branch in a Glass  —                       “Did you miss this?  It was fantastic!”


Wed., June 21st, at AmherstWorks — Monet’s Grand Canal — amazing paintings & a great group!


 Wed., July 19th, at AmherstWorks — (brought back by poplular demand for those who wanted a pair with their Starry Night) — Van Gogh’s Starry Night on the Rhone, and we also offerred   O’Keeffe’s Starlight Night!  A great pairing — and a great crowd!  “How did you miss this?”



Wed.,  August 16th, at AmherstWorks — O’Keeffe’s Chama River!  It was a great summer night!


Wed., Oct. 18th — Georgia O’Keeffe’s Autumn Leaves

It was a perfect pairing — this painting and the October evening!!!


Nov. 15th was Van Gogh’s Crown Fritillaries in a Copper Vase –        Great crowd!   Metallic paints!   Amazing results!


Wed., Dec. 6th was our last event of 2017!  Thiebaud’s 3 Donuts or Gift Box — It was a fantastic night of painting!  Perseverance and pay off!  (And then, doughnuts to eat!)  


SNOW!  BE SAFE!  (We rescheduled from Wed., Jan. 17th!) Now —  Wed., January 24th, 2018 at AmherstWorks — Monet’s The Magpie —  6:30pm-9:00pm — BYOB — SIGN UP HERE


Wednesday, February 7th at AmherstWorks — Winter Birches — this event is part of Amherst’s Winterfest!  6:30pm-9:00pm –BYOB — SIGN UP HERE

Wednesday, February 21st at AmherstWorks — O’Keeffe’s “Oriental Poppies” — 6:30pm-9:00pm — BYOB — SIGN UP HERE

(This one is back by popular demand! Let us know if you would like the choice of “Red Poppy” that night, too!)

Wednesday, March 21st at AmherstWorks — Manet’s Moss Roses in a Vase — 6:30pm-9:00pm — BYOB — SIGN UP HERE






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Private Parties & Fundraisers

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Private parties are easily arranged. With a minimum of 10 participants and a maximum of 45, you can celebrate any event (birthday, anniversary, etc.,) or provide an opportunity to share this social and enjoyable new art experience with your book group, office staff, or other colleagues, professionals and friends. We have hosted all of the above, as well as “going away parties”, “memorial/remembrance events” and FUNDRAISERS!   Everyone takes away their own exceptional painting!

#artcontinues Wine & Painting parties can be hosted at a variety of locations.  We travel to private homes, offices, & businesses for some “on the spot” team building! There are also spaces available for rent-for-your-event at AmherstWorks, Bistro 63 At The Monkey Bar, and other local venues!

You choose the date, and the painting from #artcontinues’ extensive collection.  We provide all instruction, equipment and supplies.     Join the fun!  (See more pics below!)

Group and party packages are available for gatherings with co-workers and friends!  Book your date now! Email tmagner.art@gmail.com or call 413-650-2854.

 The #artcontinues Wine & Painting event at  the MTA Conference at UMass, Amherst in 2016 was a great success!   So, we were there again, on Aug. 1st, 2017!  (Please send me some of your group pics, MTA members!)


Here’s what one conference participant had to say…            
           “I just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful night ! I loved the information about Van Gogh, the relaxed and fun atmosphere, your patience, and the time you took to help those of us that needed it. I have never had the opportunity to take any art classes so I felt a little apprehensive about not knowing what to do but you made it such a fantastic experience!                       
Keep up the great work!!!”
         Karen Howes,   MTA Bourne Representative

       IMG_1075 IMG_1094 IMG_1081

The fundraiser supporting the Amherst Survival Center featured Cezanne’s Pears on a Chair — was hosted by Bread & Butter!  

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On March 9th, at AmherstWorks, we hosted a (BYOB) Fundraiser for the Fort River School PGO — the featured painting was Klimt’s Forest of Birch Trees and it was a great evening!                                                                     

The #artcontinues Pease Keepers Against Cancer Relay Team Fundraisers at Atkins Farms Country Market are always an amazing success! With great  refreshments and wine tastings — it is always a win-win for all!  The painting for the 5/8 fundraiser was Starry Night!            

 Private Party at The Atkinson Building -June 9th  

And, we hosted another successful fundraiser…, Sept. 23rd at the VFW in Florence — a great group!



Teri’s #artcontinues Wine & Painting classes are like no other.  You won’t just duplicate some hotel painting — you’ll be learning from the masters of art history, and learning about them at the same time.  Despite the ambitious subject material, Teri leads her classes with accessibility and fun.  As a complete beginner, I wasn’t intimidated at all.  The creative extras like metallic paints and canvas bags to paint on are just the icing on top!  For a fabulous night out, I’d recommend Teri”s classes to anyone.”

                                                                                                              Alexandra Martines

“If you want a relaxing night out with friends or by yourself, try Teri’s wine and painting. You won’t be disappointed — Teri brings out the talent you never knew you had. It’s a “feel good” night out! Classy painting with a knowledgeable instructor.”

Dianna Spaulding

“Teri Magner’s Wine & Painting classes gave me the confidence to pick up a paint brush and create images that I never would have believed that I could accomplish. The instruction provided me with learning that I had not experienced before. The social aspect of the classes added to the joy of the painting!”

Rhonda Frankel Fein

“Other wine & painting classes may have wine and painting supplies, but what they lack is Teri. Her tried and true teaching methods are simply the best!”

Jane Mellor

“I’m no Van Gogh, but with Teri’s guidance, I have found myself creating art that I never imagined I could. And the wine and good company make the classes not only constructive, but fun!”

Abbie Gulliver

“I thoroughly enjoyed painting with Teri Magner! She has a way of breaking paintings down in an understandable way so that everyone experiences success. Her helpful hints and sincere praise make everyone feel great about their work!”

                  Stephen  Lott

Art Lessons

I am currently offering individual and small group adult painting and drawing lessons.  Email me with requests and any questions — tmagner.art@gmail.com.

Series sessions of art lessons for young artists were unfortunately,  put on hold.  A location dilemma caused this setback. New locations for student lessons continue to be explored.

I am keeping track of those interested.  Please continue to contact me with your child’s age, interest, and best day/time for art lessons, and for more information — tmagner.art@gmail.com.


Future Events

Are you interested in drawing but have never had any training?  A brand new group experience called “Wine & Line” might be just what you need.  Contact me for more information.

Have you ever wanted to learn the art of printmaking?  I have been asked to organize a few group sessions for newly interested printmakers — a fantastic way to give a gift of your art to multiple friends and family!  Contact me for those details.  (Should we call that one Prosecco & Printmaking?)



(413) 650-2854

P.O. Box 3043, Amherst, MA, 01004